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About Chickadee: Chickadee is a magazine for kids ages 6 to 9. Each issue of Chickadee is loaded with activities, comics, animal photos and facts, crafts and science experiments, and engaging stories, in a bright, colourful format that kids in the early grades will love. Every issue is jam-packed with Hilarious misadventures in Chick and Dee comic, amazing strange-but-true facts in Did you Know?, Arf's Pet Patrol (where Arf answers readers questions about their pets), Safe and easy science experiments in Dr. Zed Science, Discovery (where readers learn about other cultures, times and places), challenging puzzles and brain teasers in Puzzles and Fun, cool animals from around the world in Animal of the Month, fantasy and adventure in the Daisy Dreamer comic, and original fiction from well-loved children's authors and illustrators.

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