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About Horoscope Guide: Horoscope Guide is the last word in astrology and has more of everything you want in an astrology magazine, starting with detailed hourly, daily, weekly and monthly guides written by professional astrologers just for you. Every issue has something special for everyone of every sign, along with features for the sign of the month, unique columns and articles about astrology inself.

Monthly features for all signs includes:
* Love, Money, Health
* Starscope
* Your Daily Hourly Guide

Sign of the Month features:
* The Year Ahead
* Crosswords and other puzzles devoted to your sign

Special Features:
* Tomorrow's News
* Astrology for the New Age
* The New Astrology

You'll also fine challenging reviews of books and websites about astrology plus lucky numbers, an "Action Guide" to the month's special aspects and a lunar planting guide.

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